There may be no basement to Power Five arrogance.

“The one area that disappointed me was, that I couldn’t just take my shirt off and lay on the field and protest,” stated Mike Gundy, head football coach of Oklahoma State and noted 40-year-old adult man. But his infantile reaction to the Cowboy’s loss to Central Michigan is yet another eye-rolling episode of Power Five Privilege.

In an interview with Jake Trotter of ESPN, Gundy declares that his team, already imbued with the obnoxious wealth of Pharaohs, would have had a better chance at beating Group of Five competition if his referees were calling the game.

“In a contract with a Power 5 school, you’re going to exchange officials on your one-to-one games. Otherwise, I would not go into a game without Big 12 officials. We’re playing a school that does not want to use our officials, you move on and find another school.”

What a pampered, silly douche! Listen, Gundy, is it not enough that the Power Five has bullied the NCAA into becoming a country club that literally excludes Group of Five representatives from important meetings? Its it not enough to be handed insane amounts of cash from apparel and equipment makers without any governance whatsoever? Do you not have a lucrative playoff system that, for all intents and purposes, caters only to you? Do you not believe that you already have every advantage in the universe to succeed?  And now you can’t share the field with hard working referees from another conference because a mistake didn’t go in your predetermined favor?

Eat a big bag of porcupine balls, Mike Gundy.

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