San Jose State survives UNLV’s 4th quarter comeback, wins 30-24

Kenny Potter showed why he was one of the Mountain West’s best quarterbacks.  The Spartan play-maker passed for 24/39, 292 yds, 2 TDs and 0 INTs, and the Spartans held on to beat UNLV for their third win of the season.

However, it was the Spartan defense that provided the game-winning play of the evening.  With their backs against the wall, and UNLV threatening to take the lead, Trevon Bierria provided the much-needed interception on an ill-advised pass by Kurt Palendech.

Let’s talk about that real quick: Dalton Sneed got pulled early for poor performance, Palendech went in and wasn’t great, however he was serviceable.  Then, the TV cameras showed Johnny Stanton (who was pulled earlier in the season because of a serious injury) WARMING UP to prepare for a Hail Mary.  Barney Cotton and Tony Sanchez need to figure out the quarterback situation and fast if they want to salvage what has become somewhat of a disappointing season for the Rebels.

The Spartan linebacker corps also held UNLV for the most part, despite a 75-yard TD run from Charles Williams.  Wide receivers Tre Hartley and Tim Crawley out-paced the Rebels when allowed and tore up the secondary for multiple 20+ yard receptions.  For the Rebels, Devonte Boyd was back to his old self, collecting 6 receptions for 136 yards, however could not manage a touchdown because the Spartan defense cracked down when needed.

Potter and the Spartans will have their work cut out for them next week when they play Boise State next week, while UNLV will have to deal with giant-killers Wyoming.

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