So what happens when everyone celebrates Halloween on Saturday and Sunday and then realizes they have work to do? This belated podcast, that’s what!

Technical difficulties on Sunday did not stop our intrepid hosts from braving the foggy mists and mucky mires and blaring out their takes on the wide world of sports… in costume!

Without further ado, here’s the entire podcast:

Segment 1: Nic, Hondros and Alex talk about the chances of a NY6 bowl, future MWC matchups, Air Force QB conundrum, whether the MAC brings down WMU’s momentum and what is going on in the American? (0:00-25:48)
Segment 2: We get super sportsy and talk about #HOTSEATS! Charlie Partridge, Tommy Tubberville and David Bailiff are put under the heat of the red-hot laser beam this week. (26:46-52:01)
Segment 3: Super spooky bowl projections! The twist? All of our selections are four-win teams. WE’RE MONSTERS! (52:52-end)

Music credit:

Opener: “Pressure” by My Brightest Diamond

Break 1: “Hey Suckers (Halloween)” by Alaska

Break 2: “Gravediggers” by Border Patrol

Outro: “Home for a Funeral” by Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

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