South Florida Holds On For 49-42 Win Over Memphis, Keeps Title Hopes Sort Of Alive

Sure, Deatrick Nichols probably committed pass interference on the fourth and goal incompletion that ended the game, but Riley Ferguson had multiple instances where he could have made better decisions throughout the game.

One quarter into the game, it looked like USF might run away with the damn thing, as Rodney Adams had a 49-yard touchdown catch and a92-yard touchdown run, while Memphis had managed only 80 yards and three points of their own. Memphis kept working, though, and kept doing what they do best – chipping away until the opportunity to make a big play showed itself.

Four touchdowns in their next six drives helped pull Memphis back into the game, and while an interception got turned into points by USF, the Tigers only trailed 35-31 when this beauty happened


That was in the midst of a drive that would net a field goal to pull Memphis within a point, though a touchdown would have been nicer, as would Jake Elliott making the 50-yard attempt he had on the next drive. The track meet just wouldn’t stop, as Quinton Flowers continued to gash the Memphis defense and placed Memphis in need of one more touchdown.

It wasn’t there, as the South Florida defense made a stop when they needed it and held on to push the Bulls to 8-2 on the season. They’re still in the hunt for the division title, though it will require a loss from Temple. Temple faces Tulane and ECU so the odds are low, but numerous weirder things have happened both in the AAC and in college football in general this season.

Memphis will now just start planning for their next game as their loss and Navy’s win bumps them from the division champ conversation for sure. I feel kind of bad for the frustration and fury that will get unleashed on a pretty hapless Cincinnati team next week.




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