Army Gets Their Sixth Win With Domination of Morgan State 60-3

Army has six wins everybody (only 5 of those count) and are eligible for a bowl, they aren’t guaranteed one as six-win teams get first priority. It is better explained with these two tweets:

Army started the game with a bang, scoring two touchdowns right away. After that, the Black Knight offense hit a lull for half of the second quarter, which let Morgan State hang around keeping it at 13-3. What happened next is what everyone expected, Army opened the flood gates. They scored twice in the last couple minutes before halftime pushing the lead to 29-3.

Morgan State couldn’t get anything going in the first half, the one drive where they scored a field goal was set up by a muffed punt by Malik McGue.

The second half wasn’t any better for the Morgan State Bears, as fullbacks Andy Davidson, Cole Macek and Darnell Woolfolk each had 100+ yards and four touchdowns combined. Cole Macek’s stat line is the most impressive as he only played in the fourth quarter. Macek came in the game and had a 54 yard touchdown run, on the next drive he had a 19 yard touchdown run to put him over 100 yards.

Army dropped 60 points for the third time this season, before this year the Black Knights never accomplished this feat more than once. Keep in mind Army runs the TRIPLE-OPTION, this isn’t a spread offense that bombs it deep every play, they run it down your throat. This offense has the capability to be explosive, it is just a matter of them executing the option close to perfection.

Army has one regular season game left, the most important one, Army/Navy. While a lot of people don’t think Army has it in them this year, I believe. This year’s Army team has something special; when they execute they are extremely hard to beat.

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