Georgia State Defeats Georgia Southern 30-24

Georgia Southern’s season continued to spiral downward in a hurry as rival Georgia State jumped out to a 20-0 lead in the first 10 minutes of the game and refused to give it up for the remainder of the game.

Georgia Southern put up a fight in the first half to get the game back to 20-17 at the half, but two turnovers – one in each half – led to 10 points for the Panthers that kept the game out of reach for the Eagles. The first was a fumble on Georgia Southern’s second offensive play, which led to a touchdown and a 13-0 lead. The second was a fumble in the 3rd quarter that led to a field goal after Georgia Southern was called for one of the worst targeting penalties in the history of the targeting rule.

That put the score at 30-17 late in the 3rd quarter, and with Eagles QB Kevin Ellison hurting, Georgia Southern could not mount an effective comeback. They cut the game to within 6 points on a late LA Ramsby touchdown, but couldn’t get the ball back with enough time to overcome the 6 point lead that remained with the final score 30-24.

Give credit where it’s due. Georgia State had a great offensive plan that involved picking on the middle of the field where Georgia Southern has shown a weakness all year long. The Panthers had little running game, but a couple of deep throws early in the game and a ton of intermediate routes over the middle picked apart the Eagles defensive backfield and let the Panthers convert when they needed to most.

Georgia Southern had a number of big stops – including one on the first drive of the game – that were negated by bad penalties. Undisciplined play on both sides of the ball has been a hallmark of the Eagles under Tyson Summers this season. The Panthers played a relatively clean game and did everything they needed to do to come away with a win and the series lead in this young rivalry.

One thought on “Georgia State Defeats Georgia Southern 30-24

  1. It should be clear to every Georgia Southern fan that this school clearly wants to get away from running the flex option attack, and it should be clear to every Georgia Southern fan that Tyson Summers doesn’t want to run the option. Tyson Summers wants to run a pass happy spread offense attack. There is a reason the coaching staff keeps talking up that freshman quarterback from Valdosta. The Athletic Director and Tyson Summers act like the option offense is a plagued to Georgia Southern and they are the two geniuses that are going to change history at Georgia Southern. So far, it is a big fat failure.


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