Three Things We Learned From Week 12 in the Mid-American Conference

I tell you what, Tuesday night is gonna be L-I-T

Not only will we have holiday week #MACtion, it will be front-loaded on Tuesday night so that you won’t have to choose between this and the Thanksgiving Footballapalooza. Akron will be at Ohio, Ball State will be at Miami, and Central Michigan will be at Eastern Michigan, and as a bonus all three games kick off simultaneously.

That’s right, #MACtion fans, this conference gives zero fucks about your health and well-being.

Ohio can clinch the East division with a win over Akron while also keeping them home during bowl season. Akron, meanwhile, would not only become bowl-eligible with a win but would open the door for Miami to win the division with their own victory against Ball State. Even if Ohio does win, a Redhawks win would make Miami the first team ever in the history of FBS to start the season 0-6 and finish the season 6-6.

Got all that? Good. The CMU/EMU tilt is a little less significant since both teams have already achieved bowl eligibility, but that by itself is significant. This will mark the third time ever that Central and Eastern have had a winning record in the same season, with the first two coming in 1977 and 1988.

Western Michigan needs to send a fruit basket to Laramie, or something

The Broncos have the Wyoming Cowboys to thank for their continued top-dog status when it comes to the New Years Six bowl slot from the Group of Five. The Pokes win means that the only way that Western Michigan doesn’t get the Cotton Bowl bid is if Wyoming loses to New Mexico and Boise beats Air Force and Boise wins the Mountain West title over San Diego State and Western Michigan doesn’t win the MAC.

The upside is that’s a lot of things needing to go wrong for the Broncos to not reach their best-case scenario. The downside is, every single one of those things could very well happen. Wyoming just barely beat SDSU a week after just barely losing to UNLV, so they’ll likely play another close one against New Mexico. Boise struggles with Air Force but will be favored, and would be favored against the Aztecs, too.

But even if that all goes WMU’s way, there’s still Friday night. Western Michigan, as good as they are, are not that much better than Toledo, and it’s a road game to boot. The Broncos have the inside track, but it’s only the slimmest of leads right now.

The MAC needs WMU to take that Acces Bowl slot

The conference now has five bowl eligible teams for five bowl tie-ins after the CMU win, and Miami is most definitely going to be favored in their matchup at home against Ball State. Granted, we’re probably going to have less 6-6 teams than bowl slots again this year, so the odds of any one team not going bowling at all if WMU doesn’t go to the Cotton are pretty slim, but it sure would help the math out considerably. Unless Akron wins, and then who the hell knows.

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