The Forgotten5 Podcast 11/23: We’re finally back and we don’t take breaks

Due to various scheduling conflicts between our real-life efforts and our Forgotten5 mission,we were unable to asemble a podcast for a couple weeks. Some problems with our podcast recording device also didn’t help. We had to use Google Hangouts in a last-ditch effort this week, but hey, whatever works.

This week, Nic Lewis, Alex Funderburke and Ryan Lynch help navigate the listeners through litany of Group of Five games that will be on deck for the final week of the season in the MAC, Mountain West, Conference USA and American.

The guys also talk about the rankings and what they mean moving forward for Western Michigan, Houston, Boise State and Navy.

Jon Morse stops by as a special guest this week to talk about the upcoming FCS Playoffs.

There are no breaks this week, so buckle up and enjoy 45 consecutive minutes of SPORTS TALK. Heck yeah.


Music credit:

Opener: “Pressure” by My Brightest Diamond

Closer: “Target at Random” by Dial-A-Ride Girls

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