Forgotten 5’s FCS, Division II, Division III, and NAIA Predictions

While the FBS is in the midst of championship week (Sun Belt and Big 12 week 14), we are in the middle of another playoffs in the FCS, Division II, Division III and the NAIA. Rather than use complicated processes to decide a final four and then have a playoff, the other divisions throw out an expanded best of the best playoffs tournament to decide a national champion.

Let’s take a look at the games and how out expert prognosticators see the upcoming weekend of playoffs going.

FCS Round Two:

This is the first round that we will get to see the top eight seeds of the playoffs as each had a first round bye in the 24 team tournament.

#1 North Dakota State vs. San Diego (2:30 PM/ESPN3):

  • Jeremy: NDSU
  • Ryan: NDSU
  • TK: NDSU
  • Will: NDSU
  • Jon: NDSU

#2 Eastern Washington vs. Central Arkansas (3:00 PM/ESPN3):

  • Jeremy: Eastern Washington
  • Ryan: Eastern Washington
  • TK: Eastern Washington
  • Will: Eastern Washington
  • Jon: Eastern Washington

#3 Jacksonville State vs. Youngstown State (1:00 PM/ESPN3):

  • Jeremy: Eastern Washington
  • Ryan: Eastern Washington
  • TK: Eastern Washington
  • Will: Eastern Washington
  • Jon: Youngstown State

#4 James Madison vs. New Hampshire (1:00 PM/ESPN3):

  • Jeremy: James Madison
  • Ryan: James Madison
  • TK: James Madison
  • Will: James Madison
  • Jon: James Madison

#5 Sam Houston State vs. Chattanooga (2:00 PM/ESPN3):

  • Jeremy: Sam Houston State
  • Ryan: Sam Houston State
  • TK: Chattanooga
  • Will: Chattanooga
  • Jon: Sam Houston State

#6 Citadel vs. Wofford (5:00 PM/ESPN3):

  • Jeremy: Wofford
  • Ryan: Citadel
  • TK: Citadel
  • Will: Citadel
  • Jon: Citadel

#7 North Dakota vs. Richmond (5:00 PM/ESPN3):

  • Jeremy: North Dakota
  • Ryan: Richmond
  • TK: Richmond
  • Will: Richmond
  • Jon: North Dakota

#8 South Dakota State vs. Villanova (2:00 PM/ESPN3)

  • Jeremy: Villanova
  • Ryan: South Dakota State
  • TK: South Dakota State
  • Will: South Dakota State
  • Jon: South Dakota State

Division II Quarterfinals:

We are down to the final eight of Division II and it looks more and more likely that we will get an all #1s final four. Keep an eye out for 2015 national runners-up Shepherd versus California (PA) as the one big chance at an upset.

#3 Shepherd at #1 California (PA) (12:00 PM/TV):

  • Jeremy: Shepherd
  • Ryan: California (PA)
  • TK: California (PA)
  • Will: Shepherd
  • Jon: California (PA)

#3 Harding at #1 Northwest Missouri State (1:00 PM/TV):

  • Jeremy: Northwest Missouri State
  • Ryan: Northwest Missouri State
  • TK: Northwest Missouri State
  • Will: Northwest Missouri State
  • Jon: Northwest Missouri State

#6 North Greenville at #1 North Alabama (12:00 PM/TV):

  • Jeremy: North Alabama
  • Ryan: North Alabama
  • TK: North Alabama
  • Will: North Alabama
  • Jon: North Alabama

#2 Ferris State at #1 Grand Valley State (12:00 PM/ESPN3):

  • Jeremy: Grand Valley State
  • Ryan: Grand Valley State
  • TK: Grand Valley State
  • Will: Grand Valley State
  • Jon: Grand Valley State

Division III Quarterfinals:

Mount Union is looking for their 12th straight appearance in the Division III national title game. They have faced either St. Thomas or Wisconsin-Whitewater in each of the previous 11 years.

John Carroll at Wisconsin-Whitewater (12:00 PM/TV):

  • Jeremy: Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Ryan: Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • TK: Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Will: Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Jon: Wisconsin-Whitewater

Wisconsin-Oshkosh at St. Thomas (12:00 PM/TV):

  • Jeremy: St. Thomas
  • Ryan: Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • TK: Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Will: Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Jon: St. Thomas

Mount Union at Alfred (11:00 AM/TV):

  • Jeremy: Mount Union
  • Ryan: Mount Union
  • TK: Mount Union
  • Will: Alfred
  • Jon: Mount Union

Wheaton at Mary Hardin Baylor (12:00 PM/TV):

  • Jeremy: Mary Hardin Baylor
  • Ryan: Mary Hardin Baylor
  • TK: Mary Hardin Baylor
  • Will: Mary Hardin Baylor
  • Jon: Mary Hardin Baylor

NAIA Final Four:

We have some new blood in the final four of the NAIA playoffs. Of the four remaining teams, only St. Francis (2004-2006) has played in the national title game. None of the four programs have won a NAIA title.

#9 Eastern Oregon at #2 Baker (1:06 PM/ESPN3):

  • Jeremy: Baker
  • Ryan: N/A
  • TK: Baker
  • Will: Baker
  • Jon: Baker

#4 St. Francis (IN) at #3 Reinhardt (12:30 PM/TV):

  • Jeremy: Reinhardt
  • Ryan: N/A
  • TK: N/A
  • Will: Reinhardt
  • Jon: Francis

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