Donnel Pumphrey snags NCAA rushing record in 34-10 trouncing of Houston Cougars

Major Applewhite’s coaching debut went… less than perfectly. I know that because the following short paragraphs tell you just about everything you need to know about how this game went.

At the end of the first quarter Houston had out-gained San Diego State 110-18, led the game 10-0, and had held Donnell Pumphrey to -1 rushing yards on seven carries.

By the time the game was over, Pumphrey had 115 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries despite not playing the last 11 minutes of the game, and the Aztecs wound up with a 34-10 victory despite two drives that stalled out inside the Houston 15 yard line.

After their hot start, little went right for Houston. San Diego State held the Cougars to only 25 yards rushing on 41 carries while picking off four of Greg Ward’s passes in the second half.

Turns out the Aztec defense really is that good, and now they’ve got 11 wins to show for it. Oh yeah and that rushing record; Donnell Pumphrey is now your all time career rushing yards record according to the NCAA record book, though he finishes third on our list that counts everyone’s post season yards.

Obviously this one game doesn’t say a ton about Major Applewhite’s Cougars and they are still an extremely loaded and talented team. But Merry Christmas AAC, the Aztecs just gave you an early blueprint for 2017.

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