Lane Kiffin looks like a prisoner in his own skin in FAU hype video

It’s days before National Signing Day, one of the few times where it’s okay to get hyped about high schoolers and not sound creepy like David Wooderson from Dazed and Confused.

In anticipation of Wednesday, Florida Atlantic’s potential visor-wearing savior Lane Kiffin got out to FAU Stadium to shoot a hype up video for the fans, who haven’t seen much of the new head coach yet since he signed on.

The following video does anything but pump up fans:

A few questions:

  • Was there more than one take?
  • Did Kiffin had the skill or desire to do it in more than one take?
  • Why does Kiffin sound like he’s being held against his will? (Somewhere, Nick Saban ignores seven voicemail from his former coordinator while he yells at Steve Sarkisian.)
  • Why do they have Kiffin looking into the sun? At least give the man some sunglasses or his trademark headware.
  • Why don’t I think the team is going to make a championship run this year? (3-9 seasons will do that to your beliefs.)
  • Why do the stands look like there’s a home game going on behind him?
  • Shouldn’t he be focusing on recruiting?
  • What’s up with the awkward Owl fingers? Is he trying to tell fans how many wins they will have again this year? Is it how many years he will stay in Boca before he bolts for a higher profile job?

“It’s an exciting time, Owl fans.”

Not until the first win, Lane. Not with a hype video like that.

I could be the only one that thinks that, though. Let’s see what the crowd thinks:






Nope, just how we suspected. It’s bad.

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