Gonzaga Advances to Their First Final Four Ever With 83-59 Win Over Xavier

Gonzaga is going to their first Final Four ever. Congratulations to them and their fans

Thanks for making me look like an idiot Gonzaga, I really appreciate it.

Xavier never stood a chance, they came out and couldn’t hit threes or defend the three. They were scoring two’s while Gonzaga was scoring three’s

The first half had way better shooting than the last Gonzaga game, it was tolerable to watch and I didn’t want to take my eyes out of my head.

The game started very close; Gonzaga had the lead for most of the half but Xavier stayed close. Then Xavier big man Tyrique Jones picked up his second foul, which mattered due to his presence when he is in the paint, despite not doing much to anything in the first half  (0 points/rebounds).

Gonzaga came out on fire from three, – they hit three, after three, after three. The Zags would throw it inside to Karnowski, he would draw the double team and hkick it back out for a wide open attempt. Gonzaga shot 8-13 from deep in the first half after making four the entire game against West Virgina.

Xavier on the other hand, could not shoot the three. The Musketeers shot 1-5 from deep and didn’t make that one until the last minute of the half.

The Zags jumped out to a ten-point lead and looked like they would run away with the game. Xavier went cold and Gonzaga was hot. Xavier was in foul trouble with Jones, Kaiser Gates, and RaShid Gates all on the bench. Nothing was going their way.

Johnathan Williams had a big first half once again, he had 12 points and 3 rebounds on 5-6 shooting.


The second half started with much of the same things that happened in the first, as Gonzaga opened the half shooting 4-6 and made another two three-pointers. Xavier couldn’t get anything going, they were stuck in the mud. No matter what they did, Gonzaga either stopped them or answered them.

The Zags had 61 points the entire game against West Virgina, they hit 61 points five minutes into the second half. They were rolling, to say the least. This was the only person who could slow the Zags down:


Gonzaga jumped out to a 20 point lead and the Musketeers looked lost, they tried to cut to cut into but the Zags fired right back. Xavier had no answer to guys like Williams and Karnowski.

Speaking of Karnowski, he was in some foul trouble in the second half. He picked up his fourth foul with 8:30 left in the ball game, about five minutes after Collins earned his. It wound up not mattering though, as Xavier never overcame the hole they dug in the first half.

Congrats to Gonzaga again, they are going to their first Final Four ever and will play the winner of Florida/South Carolina.

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