Brendan Langley Goes To The Denver Broncos At #101 Overall

After a change of schools and positions, Lamar wide receiver Brendan Langley has been picked by the Denver Broncos with the #101 overall pick.


Langley originally started at the University of Georgia as a top 25 cornerback prospect, but the Bulldogs coaching staff asked him to become a receiver. After that failed and they changed him back, Langley transferred to Lamar to try and get more playing time.

The cornerback’s move ended up paying off, as he became an all-Southland conference first team player while occasionally receiving kicks and moonlighting as a wide receiver. Langley had six interceptions and seven pass breakups on the year, showing teams an ability to make plays on the ball.

Teams loved his ball skills, return abilities and willingness to learn, which can go a long way for a rookie. But they also believe he is still a raw athlete and needs work preventing separation from the receiver.

Denver should see Langley as a developmental project. If they can fix his coverage flaws, he could be a key cog in the secondary for years to come.

Langley is Lamar’s first NFL draftee since 1990.

Congrats to Brendan Langley of Lamar on landing with the Denver Broncos with the #101 pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

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