Chad Williams Goes To The Arizona Cardinals At #98 Overall

Grambling State Tigers wide receiver Chad Williams became the first player from an HBCU picked in the 2017 NFL Draft when he was selected with the #98 pick by the Arizona Cardinals.


Williams led the Southwest Athletic Conference with 1,337 yards and 11 touchdowns, serving as a physical force in Grambling’s uptempo offense. Scouts love that he played bigger than his size against larger opponents, including a 137 yard game against FBS Arizona.

Even with his success on the field,some teams have questioned his decision making ability after an incident in May 2016. Williams was caught in a car by LSU campus on possession of marijuana and firearm possession charges, which led to a one game suspension. Those charges are something the Cardinals will have to fix with him, as if he can’t stay on the field, he is not worth their time.

Williams is the first player drafted at Grambling since defensive end Jason Hatcher in 2006

Congrats to Chad Williams on landing with the Arizona Cardinals with the #98 pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

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