Another Lane Kiffin Controversy? Get over yourself

There’s no doubt that the hiring of Lane Kiffin as head coach has created plenty of eventfulness for Florida Atlantic. Between a hype video that didn’t bring the hype (on purpose?), a lawsuit from a former Alabama player alleging that Kiffin offered him a job that wasn’t there, and the controversial hiring of former Baylor offensive coordinator Kendall Briles, the Owls have had their name brought up in conversations more than possibly ever in program history.

Now Kiffin was rumored to be looking at other jobs besides FAU in the time before he inked his contract.

One of those was apparently LSU’s OC job, which was later given to former Pitt coordinator Matt Canada. According to the New Orleans Advocate, Kiffin was on the sports radio show Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly Thursday when he talked about the potential for him to go and join the Tigers before he became the coach in Boca Raton.

“I was. Cause I really think they’re going to win a lot there,” Kiffin said on the show. “They have a lot of great players coming back … especially the running backs.”

The remarks spurred a lot of coverage, which is warranted for something like that. But I think the potential for controversy brings up a bigger problem.

Kiffin himself has not called a meaningful game of football yet, so why all of a sudden do we have to ride on his every word becoming a storyline? This was a guy looking for a job before he was signed on with FAU, it’s not like a married dude having an extramarital….

You know what, bad example. But you get the point.

I think sometimes as a fan, you can look for any reason to get excited or outraged about something that happens way before the season begins just to do something. But if something is not actually controversial like the lawsuit and the Briles hiring, why make it more than it is?

Instead, just let the man coach, and if he screws up, then call him on it. Maybe use Twitter, as Kiffin has become an armchair philosopher of sorts in his spare time.

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