Greatest G5 Moments: Bracket of Doom Round Two

Round one of our Bracket of Doom is complete and, thanks to our readers, it provided a fair share of tight finishes and stunning upsets. The second half of the first round did not disappoint, with 181 total votes across four matchups (up from 163 in the first four). Round two is upon us and we’ll soon find out what the top four Group of Five moments of the last decade are.

The 2-15 matchup was no surprise, except maybe that the two seed didn’t win by as much as we expected.


Six-seeded Southern Mississippi’s upset over number six Houston in the Conference USA Championship game kept Western Kentucky’s thrilling 100 Miles of Hate victory within arms reach and held on to the win.


Our biggest upset of the bracket came with the 14 seed Army win over Northwestern defeating the snapping of Southern Miss’ 23 game losing streak. This one may or may not have been skewed by a certain unnamed person (Alex Funderburke).


The first round ended with yet another upset. Either you guys have wrong opinions or we just suck at seeding stuff.


Second Round

Fiesta vs Fiesta

1          Boise State Statue of Liberty- 2007

Does this one really need another explanation? Chris Peterson and the relatively nameless Broncos knocked off Adrian Peterson and the blue-blood Sooners in one of the most recognizable games in college football history.


9          Central Florida takes down Baylor- 2014

Fiesta Bowl vs Fiesta Bowl, seven years apart. I am going to call it right here, right now: Troy will win the 2021 Fiesta Bowl (don’t @ me). Nobody expected UCF to really hang with Baylor, much less beat them. Can it pull off another upset here?



Sun Belt over SEC 

13          The Warhawks take down Nick Saban- 2007

The anti-Alabama sentiment runs strong, apparently. So much so that this somewhat boring contest actually breezed past the wild ride that was the Inaugural Bahamas Bowl. How much juice does this over-achiever have?


5            South Alabama shuts up CLANGA- 2016

South Alabama was a roller coaster of emotions last season. The Jaguars bested an SEC team for the first time in its short history to open the season before losing back to back against Georgia Southern and the Ragin’ Cajuns. It managed to stay level-headed enough to avoid the 12-5 upset, but now its faced with the DUNK CITY of our bracket.



Ending the streak vs CUSA Mayhem

2          Army ends Navy’s reign- 2016

Somewhat surprising that Aaron Dobson’s catch actually registered 10 votes against Army ending a 13 year winning drought against Navy in America’s Game. Nevertheless, Army advanced and enters the second round as heavy favorites again.


7          Southern Mississippi wins CUSA- 2011

The Golden Eagles knocked off Kevin Sumlin’s undefeated top ten Houston Cougars team with relative ease and entered the bowl season riding a high they would never come down from won their bowl game before embarking on an epic 23 game losing streak.



Army upset vs Pair of feet

14         Army pulls off the upset- 2011

We could have had Southern Mississippi on the literal two ends of its nearly two dozen game losing streak going head-to-head in the semi-final but somebody (Alex Funderburke) had to ruin everything. So here is Army’s upset over Northwestern, a game that which no actual footage of even exists.


11          Nifty footwork seals it for New Mexico State- 2015

Interestingly enough, Navy ending a losing streak against Notre Dame that stretched back nearly 45 years was not enough to beat a footerception. New Mexico State ended an incredible overtime game, and a 17 game losing streak, with an interception against Idaho in a game that was watched by about 39 people. Millions, though, saw the game-winning play that made the rounds on every round-up show.

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