Bracket of Doom: Championship Round

We’ve made our way past 15 matchups in order to decide what the greatest Group of Five moment of the last decade was. Now it’s time for the 16th and final contest to decide the winner. We saw surprising upsets such as 13-seeded Louisiana-Monroe’s win over Alabama cruising past the roller coaster that was the four seed Bahamas Bowl. There were votes that seemed as though they would end with a tie such as Southern Mississippi’s 52-48% win over two seed Army over Navy. We’ve learned a lot through this bracket and its finally time to have the definitive answer to our question.

Final Four Recap

After a slow start to this vote, our number one seed pushed past our Cinderella and claimed its spot in the championship round. This was the closest the Statue of Liberty has come to being knocked off so far.

No matter how the championship round goes, this matchup will probably go down as the best of the bracket. Support flowed in from both sides as votes continued to rack up for the full 24 hours. New Mexico State held a 10 vote lead for the majority of the poll and held on in our most voted-on poll yet.


Championship Round

The Stalwart vs The Desert Underdog

1          Statue of Liberty- 2007

We all remember this one. Boise State put the Group of Five on the map before “Group of Five” was even a thing. The upset was the most fitting way to end what was possibly the most bizarre season college football has ever seen.


11          Nifty footwork wins it for New Mexico State- 2015

The Aggies were riding the nation’s longest losing streak at 17 in a row when it hosted Idaho. Linebacker Terril Hanks played hero that night when he intercepted an overtime pass with his feet. New Mexico State has seen its stock slowly rise ever since that win.

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