Who will break records in Conference USA for 2017?

One of the best experiences for a lot of fans at the start of the season (besides, you know, football games) is watching which players will be chasing history for their respective programs, their conferences and the FBS. Nothing beats being able to say you were there as someone put up ungodly numbers during a great season.

For this year, Conference USA has a few players gunning for records, but they’re going to need more than a bit of wishful thinking to get there. But, if they can keep up their respective paces without injury, all of these players have a good chance of putting their name at the top of the list by the end of their careers.

To get an idea, check out who’s on the edge of a milestone in CUSA:

Brent Stockstill needs a few more strong seasons to be a top passer:

Middle Tennesse’s starting quarterback Brent Stockstill put up another strong season for the Blue Raiders last year with 3,233 yards of passing, 31 touchdowns and seven interceptions in three less games than last year. That’s around where he was last year over a full 13 games, but where does he stand now to break a record?

His 7,276 yards of passing and 65 touchdowns for his career rank 23rd and 19th respectively. Case Keenum holds the top spot in both categories, with 19,217 yards of passing and 155 touchdowns.

It looks like Stockstill may not reach Keenum, but what if he averaged 3,500 yards and 30 touchdowns over the remainder of his career? If he put those numbers up he’d be at 14,267 yards and 125 touchdowns.

That average would put him third all-time behind Rakeem Cato of Marshall in touchdowns (he has 131,) but ahead of him at second in yards (14,067.) That’s not bad, but not top material, so he would need his next two seasons to be the stuff of legends to set records.

As for MTSU records, he already holds the career and single season records for touchdowns along with the single season yard records. All he needs is 728 more yards for the career record over Wes Counts, so expect him to blow that record out of the water this year.

Richie James is trying to catch history:

Stockstill’s most dynamic receiver is also trying to find his way into the books, and he may fare better in some categories than others.

Richie James put up his best season so far with 1,625 yards of receiving and 12 touchdowns. He currently sits at 19th in career receiving yards (2,959) and 36th in career touchdowns (20,) but what if he averaged last year’s numbers?

If he kept his numbers like that over his career, James would finish as the best receiver in conference history in yards (6,209) and second best in touchdowns (44.) That’s obviously jut if he kept his pace, but he would need to really step up his production to beat the touchdown record held by Jarrett Dillard of Rice (60.)

As for school marks, he already holds the single season receiving yard record and is second by one for the touchdown record. All he needs is two more touchdowns and 103 more yards to set the career marks held by Kendall Newson.

Hell, he could set those in the first game.

Ray Lawry and Ito Smith are trying to chase down records:

Two CUSA backs also have a chance to fight for history, both against time and each other.

Old Dominion’s Ray Lawry and Southern Miss’s Ito Smith both could finish in the top 10, but it would take some serious play from both to make it. Lowery is 13th in  career yards (3,338) while Smith is 16th (3,123.) Lowery is way ahead in terms of touchdowns compared to Smith, falling in 13th place (38) compared to 23th (29.)

If both keep the same pace as last year, Smith would finish with 4,582 yards and 46 touchdowns. That would put him in third behind Zack Line of SMU (47) for touchdowns and fourth behind Kevin Smith of the University of Central Florida (4,679) for yards.

As for Lawry, he would end his career with 4,593 yards and 49 touchdowns. That would have him edging out Smith for his sport at fourth and put him at at second behind leading career rush touchdown leader DeAngleo Williams of Memphis (55.)

Lawry also could set the record held by Williams, but he would need 19 to fully beat it. If the Monarchs rely more on the run with the graduation of quarterback David Washington, it could happen.

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