The Flight Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The social media arm of the Georgia Southern football program is known as GATA Lifestyle. They put out well-crafted content across multiple platforms including Twitter and Instagram. It’s main aim is to entertain fans and lure recruits. They put out their own behind-the-scenes web series on training camp called The Flight. Kind of like Hard Knocks: Statesboro without Liev Schreiber narrating. Season 2 Episode 1 premiered last week and the soundtrack is lit. Check it out.


Track List:
Rock City – I’m That… ft. 2 Chainz

Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees…ft. Jay Rock

Hermitude – The Buzz …ft. Mataya & Young Tapz

0:15 – Intro starts with the team crossing Beautiful Eagle Creek lead by Wesley Fields with the theme song of the series I’m That… playing in the background. Random montage of your basic training camp drills. It’s good to be back.
0:34 – We see Shai Werts, Todd Bradley, and Jay Bowdry driving around without seat belts on.
1:31 – Josh Moon makes his first appearance. He moves into a new apartment, plays some Madden while listening to Cole Swindell. Can’t get anymore Statesboro than that.
2:32 – Shai Werts uses a fidget spinner to scratch his head.
3:00 – The beat from Money Trees kicks in while Werts, Darion “D1” Anderson, and Obe Fortune play catch at Paulson Stadium. They put on a show for the cameras.
4:20 – Myles Campbell complains to Werts about not being catch sequence with the other guys. Campbell: “The last call listed on my phone was from San Antonio, Texas.” No text. No voicemail. Tsk. Tsk.
5:15 – Shai’s cute dog shows up.
5:36 – “Y’all are gonna have to respect that 30.” – Jessie Liptrot
5:46 – Excellent outro montage sequence featuring The Buzz by Hermitude ft Mataya and Young Tapz. We see several things including:

  • The wall inside the Ted Smith Center featuring all the Eagles in the NFL.
  • Myles Campbell jukes a guy into a different county.
  • Big plays from wide receivers.
  • A bunch of meetings.
  • As much triple option porn as you can handle.

8:52 – “Let’s get a break (Tyler) Bass.” They end practice with a “1-2-3 Family!”

Stay tuned for my recap of Episode 2….

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