The Flight Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of The Flight dropped on Tuesday on GATA Lifestyle’s Twitter. It shows highlights from the 2nd week of practice, including preparation for the first public scrimmage last Friday, August 4. It’s shorter than episode 1 but still interesting. Even includes a surprise appearance from Bryan Cook’s kid. Check it out.


Set List:
Rock City – I’m That… ft. 2 Chainz

Sonreal – For The Town


0:33 – Video starts out with offensive coordinator Bryan Cook’s adorable son Jackson. He knows that Auburn is the first game and is super stoked about the first home game the following week. Wears a shirt that says, “Live Every Day Like It’s 28-3.” Falcons fans might want to look away.
0:49 – Coach Summers stresses playing ‘with emotion’ during a team meeting. Myles Campbell comes up to discuss team motto #2: 212. Something about the boiling point of water and intensity or something.
1:41 – For The Town by Sonreal kicks in during a practice montage. We see the following among other things:

  • Catches by Myles Campbell and Quan Howard.
  • Matt Flynn kickoff.
  • Jaalon Frazier complete a pass to Hampton McConnell.
  • Cameos by OC Bryan Cook and RB Coach Chris Foster.

2:25 – Scrimmage starts.
2:38 – Monteo Garrett takes a pitch at the 39 yard line and takes it to the house.
2:46 – LaBaron Anthony throws a pick to DB Darrell Baker.
2:53 – Made FG from Tyler Bass! (Nice to see with Koo gone)
2:55 – L.A. Ramsby appearance!
3:00 – During a run RB Logan Wright has the ball popped out of his grasp by DB Kendrick Duncan.
3:15 – Episode finishes out with Tyson Summers in his office, sporting some spiffy hipster specs, with his legs propped up, wearing a comfy looking vest that I kind of want. He looks very relaxed.

Stay tuned for my recap of Episode 3. Here is my Episode 1 recap.

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