The Flight Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

GATA Lifestyle has come out with the third episode of the Flight. Here are my reviews of episodes 1 and 2.



Set List:
Rock City – I’m That… ft. 2 Chainz

The Glitch Mob – Seven Nation Army Remix (The White Stripes)



0:00 – Intro with shots of the weight room
0:08 – Dwayne Chandler oozes swagger and he strolls by in a grey hoodie. Bit warm for a hoodie but hey Coach Chandler can do whatever he wants.
0:14 – #9 Obe Fortune makes a crazy catch. He’s had a good camp.
0:15 – #15 Monteo Garrett runs wild during a scrimmage. His speed on full display.
0:21 – #87 Malik Henry makes a catch over #20 Kindle Vildor.
o:23 – Apartment complex water aerobics time! Ya know, like the old ladies do at your local YMCA. Only in a pool at an apartment complex. If you have any idea what kind of fluids were swirling about in your average Statesboro apartment complex pool in the middle of August, you would be moving like that too.
0:27 – Eagle Creek Baptism!
0:40 – Glitch Mob remix of 7 Nation Army kicks in and we have another montage…
0:49 – US301 Bypass heading north, Freedom’s Landing apartments on the right, Southside Service Station straight away in the distance. Statesboro is imprinted on my brain.
1:00 – More pool exercises…
1:17 – Even more pool stuff…
1:25 – Monteo Garrett run again. Baby Breida?
1:29 – Wicked LaBaron Anthony stiff arm on #47 Randy Wade.
1:45 – Kado Brown wobbly swing pass to Wes Fields.
1:48 – #2 RJ Murray hits Myles Campbell
2:04 – Obe Fortune catch again.
2:14 – Myles Campbell interview: “This is one of the best camps I’ve ever been a part of.”
2:47 – LA Ramsby interview: “I’ve had a lot of experiences. A lot of ups, and a lot of downs.”
3:12 – Ty Phillips interview. He comes in to show people how football players help students move into their dorms in a yearly tradition called “Operation Move-In.” Much appreciated in the sweltering Statesboro heat.
3:31 – Chris DeLaRosa mentions the following:

  • Team trip to local water park Splash In the Boro. This team spends more time at the pool than Michael Phelps.
  • Freshman Skit Night – no idea what is going on in that clip.
  • DeLaRosa getting dunked on by teammates in the #DriveByDunkChallenge
  • Guest speaker leads a very enthusiastic countdown from 5.


Other notes

  • If you want a laugh, check out Georgia State’s tailgating policies at their new stadium.
  • Matt Breida had a decent first game with the Niners.
  • Tyson Summers and Myles Campbell play name that tune.
  • There was a second scrimmage. The following occurred:
    • Matt Flynn had two punts for an average of 49 yards
    • Tyler Bass made FGs of 37, 42, and 50 yards. He had one blocked by Monquavion Brinson.
    • Myles Campbell took a punt 73 yards for a TD.
    • DeMarcus Godfrey runs for 31 yard and 1 yard TDs.
    • QB Kado Brown 13 yard TD run.
    • DE Raymond Johnson III forces a fumble and recovers it in the endzone for a TD,
  • Overall the offense looked better. The handoffs were crisp and the blocking lanes more wide than the first scrimmage. Encouraging progression. Monteo Garrett looks good. Ramsby, Fields, and Campbell didn’t get a lot of playing time but didn’t need to. Werts was accurate on his short passes even though he has a tendency to float them.
  • There’s a bigger gap between Werts/Anthony and Brown/Frazier than anywhere else at the QB position. Werts and Anthony are head and shoulders the top two on the depth chart. Frazier is a certain redshirt and Brown is a Juco transfer still getting acclimated. He did score once, so it’s getting better. The DL is talented but needs time to gel.
  • There was a third and last scrimmage Thursday night at Paulson. It had the following highlights:
    • LaBaron Anthony 80 yard TD run
    • Kado Brown 47 yard TD run
    • Shai Werts to Mark Michaud TD pass
  • Sun Belt Conference released the conference schedule for 2018 and 2019.
  • Georgia Southern Athletics will provide a free streaming service called True Blue TV.GS Athletics has moved away from its subscription model, and fans will now be able to watch the same quality Georgia Southern broadcasts as previous years for no cost on A variety of home games across all sports will be streamed on True Blue Live, starting with the Eagles’ women’s soccer match against Florida Gulf Coast Friday at 7 p.m.
  • GS Volleyball released Episode 1 of #WingsUpTV which is their version of The Flight. Highly recommend it.
  • Construction will begin in September on South Campus across from Akins Blvd and the RAC.
  • 11 new academic and administrative leaders to serve in the newly consolidated administration starting Jan. 1, 2018. The football practice and Fan Fest start on Friday night at 6pm. For my perspective on the Armstrong merger, check out my piece: Part I, Part II, Part III.

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