Army Runs All Over Fordham 64-6

THAT is how you start a season. I thought Fordham would hang close for a while and lose by 20ish points. Boy, was I wrong, Fordham never could get anything going. Star running back Chase Edmonds was held to just 42 yards and Army’s defense was constantly in the back field hitting the ball carrier.

The first half was all Army, all the time. From the first drive Fordham seemed lost, the Rams committed 4 penalties and started the game with a 2nd and 25.

Once the Black Knights got the ball, they didn’t hold on to it for long, needing only two plays to score seven points, as fullback Darnell Woolfolk went untouched on a 39-yard touchdown run.


Army didn’t slow down after that either, they quickly scored again, and again to take a 21-0 lead after one-quarter.

Fordham came out on the first drive firing and drove down the field, when Army forced a 4th down and Fordham attempted a field goal, this happened:


But Army didn’t block one kick, no, that would be too easy, Fordham scored a touchdown on a nice run by RB Chase Edmonds and Army blocked the PAT.

Keep in mind, this is all happening in the second quarter and the Army offense hasn’t touched the ball yet.

One play is all the Black Knights would need to run in the second quarter and QB Ahmad Bradshaw made it count.

The second half was much of the same, except this time Army let what seemed like everyone touch the ball. 15 Black Knights (yes you read that right) got at least one carry and eight different players scored a touchdown.

The Black Knights didn’t complete a single pass and still managed to run for 513 yards, that is what you call, Army being Army.

Sophomore QB Kelvin Hopkins and Junior QB Luke Langdon both got significant playing time and they both really impressed. Each had control of the offense and led touchdown drives.

Now I know people will say, “It’s Fordham, this is what they should do”, while I see what you’re saying, having the backup and third string QB’s come in and look so confident and run the offense so smoothly is huge. Army didn’t slow down when Bradshaw came out, last year they did. Having three QB’s that can run the triple option close to perfect is a really good thing for the Black Knights and will come in handy down the road.

More important than anything I’ve said so far, ARMY HAS A KICKING GAME! Black Knight kickers did miss a PAT(they had one blocked) but didn’t miss the one field goal attempt. Most kickoffs were touchbacks and the ones that weren’t, the runner didn’t get past the 20 yard line. This is a great sign as Army’s kicking game last year was one of the worst in the nation.

Next up for the Black Knights will be Buffalo at home. Last year, Army went up to Buffalo and lost in OT after two missed field goals that could have won the game.

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