Forgettable 5 Podcast: Sun Belt Edition Episode Three

Football has finally been played and after five phenomenal days of it we break down what happened in the Sun Belt Conference. In this podcast we hit each game from Georgia State’s home opening disappointment to Arkansas State’s late rally against the Cornhuskers.

We also preview the upcoming games and, of course, answer you guys’ twitter questions.



One thought on “Forgettable 5 Podcast: Sun Belt Edition Episode Three

  1. It’s Georgia Southern, they expect to win and rightfully so. I’m not impressed with Tyson Summers, he was hired partially because he is from Georgia, Tift County High School, but for him being a coach with a defensive background, his defense has not been good. And I don’t know why he is so stuck on running the flex bone option from the shot gun position. I felt Georgia State should have hired Navy’s offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper as head coach, but they didn’t. Shawn Elliot was awful as a Interim Head Coach at South Carolina going 1-5, so hopefully, in time he will be better as a head coach at Georgia State because of his awful experience as South Carolina Interim Head Coach. I wish Idaho would stay in FCS because they have some good players on that squad and their recruiting has been great.


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