F5AfterDark – The hangover that Week 2 caused us

What happened last night?  You mean, you don’t remember?

Last night #Pac12AfterDark met #MWCLateNight twice with the MWC going 1-1.  Here’s what happened:

San Diego State beat Arizona State for the first time in 12 tries, thanks to Rashaad Penny and his 258 all-purpose yards (216 of those rushing).  Realistically this game was in hand from the final John Baron II field goal, however the Sun Devils placed a scare in the Aztecs in the fourth before ultimately realizing that resistance was futile.

Two observations:

  1. Someone tell Rocky Long that a quarterback is supposed to be reliable, especially when he throws less than 20 times a game.  Christian Chapman was that guy last week, but was not this week.  What happens when he faces and actual defense (ASU does not)?
  2. Todd Graham is probably on Sparky’s List.

In the meantime, while most Aztec fans are happy, some are complaining about not being recognized as the premier team in the MWC (I disagree with the statement, but nevertheless).  Their petty little complaints were about the OTHER MWC game going on during that time which was garnering much more attention (rightly so).

Boise State had gone to Pullman as 10-point underdogs…and almost pulled out a victory.  You could say that defeat was snatched from the jaws of defeat.

Brett Rypien was knocked out of the game in the first quarter and Montell Cozart played admirably, helping the Broncos build a 31-10 lead with 6 minutes in the 4th quarter.

And then the dreaded “Kansas player” effect took over.  Cozart shoveled a pick-6 after watching Bronco defenders score a pick-6 ON THE EXACT SAME TYPE OF PLAY.  He then proceeded to RUN OUT OF BOUNDS later in the game with under 2-minutes and a 31-24 lead.

Let’s not mention the other things that happened in this game: 7 turnovers, a punt that touched a blocker which allowed Wazzu to recover, Mike Leach benching his all-time throwing quarterback…only to put him in a little later to be knocked out, 3 overtimes and no missed field goals.

This game was the reason for the hangover, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It was about as silly and stupid as you could get, and you couldn’t turn away.  It was a classic Looney Tunes cartoon, complete with the random unrealistic violence that you get from an ACME package.

Let’s wrap this thing up, I need some ginger ale and two Hungarian lángos, stat.

Houston beat Arizona 19-16 on a game that was characterized by fumbles and interceptions.  Major Applewhite got his first win as Houston’s HC and is now currently being courted by Texas A&M to replace a soon-to-be-fired Kevin Sumlin (not really, but this storyline isn’t far off).

We’ll be back next week, and if we aren’t, you can find us vomiting in the toilet.

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