The Georgia Southern Meltdown: Social Media Reacts

Georgia Southern limped out of its season-opening beatdown against Auburn hoping to get the wheels on the road in week two. The Eagles faced New Hampshire in what should have been just the tune-up Tyson Summers needed.

The Wildcats, however, had other ideas. Georgia Southern failed to score in the first half and mustered just one touchdown in an embarrassing 22-12 loss.

Eagles fans, and national media, took to Twitter to voice their displeasure toward the embattled Tyson Summers.









If you have not noticed, there is a common theme going on here. Georgia Southern fans are banging on the door of Tyson Summers with pitchforks in hand.

It’s unclear what will happen, if anything, in the coming weeks concerning Summers’ job. For now, he’ll have a bye week to gather his troops before another potentially ugly game at Indiana.

One thought on “The Georgia Southern Meltdown: Social Media Reacts

  1. So Tyson Summers brings in Bryan Scott to be the new Georgia Southern offensive coordinator to run the same unimaginative offense as the 2016 offense was. Just stop it with that unimaginative, ineffective, shot option offense. Snapping the ball to the quarterback in the shot gun and then running right or left is just not effective.


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