Is Houston Nutt really interested in the Georgia Southern job?

Well Georgia Southern has arrived. Houston Nutt’s name has surfaced in rumors regarding the head coaching position. I’m here to tell Eagle nation that we aren’t the first job he’s “been interested” in as Jason Kirk reports

Houston Nutt is interested in making Hugh Freeze lose the Ole Miss job, which used to be Houston Nutt’s job. Houston Nutt succeeds in doing so, via the same method that once helped lead to his exit from the Arkansas job.
Houston Nutt is interested in the Tulane job.
Houston Nutt is interested in the UCF job.
Houston Nutt could be in play for Iowa State’s job, says SI.
Houston Nutt among those connected to the UTSA job, per the local paper.
Houston Nutt connected by multiple reports to the Tulsa job.
Houston Nutt reportedly interested in the UNLV job.
Houston Nutt would enjoy the commute to the SMU job.
Houston Nutt floated for the Buffalo job.
Houston Nutt entered by SB Nation in video game tournament for the Florida job.

Don’t feel special Eagles fans, Houston Nutt has been interested in seemingly every opening in FBS since getting fired by Ole Miss in 2011. He’s jonesing to get back into college football. Now that his lawsuit with the University of Mississippi is resolved, he’s truly off the leash.

But where did the rumors originate? Well on the infamous Georgia Southern Football Facebook group page, Eagles hall-of-famer Vonceilles Allen posted the following:


My analysis? Based on his history, yes he’s interested. Is the interest mutual? We shall see. Too early to tell. But I have no doubt that Houston Nutt’s representation has reached out to Georgia Southern, as many coaches have.

But, I must caveat this by saying: I’m sure Tom Kleinlein has been talking to agents of several coaches so far, because that’s how coaching searches work. A coach is not going to leave a practice in the middle of a season to go interview, that is what agents are for.

What about Houston Nutt? Would he be a good choice for the Eagles head job?


He’s a household name after stops at Arkansas and Ole Miss, he also coached at Boise State and Murray State, his lifetime record is 135-96. He is currently a studio analyst for CBS Sports.

Perhaps a dude used to recruiting in the fabled SEC West could haul in some serious talent that seems to be in abundance within a 500 mile radius of Statesboro, GA.

This is the dude that pioneered the Wildcat, so he’s not a stranger to “unconventional” running formations. Perhaps he could pull a Bob Davie and embrace the option? This is the man that plucked Gus Malzahn up from the high school ranks to be Arkansas’s offensive coordinator.

His daughters

At the age of 60, maybe Georgia Southern could be his last stop a la Frank Solich, Bob Davie, Mike Price, etc.


He hasn’t coached since 2011. He’s now 60 and has been out of the game for six years. Can he still do it?

Did you miss the part about the lawsuit? Tom Kleinlein is in the midst of his legal troubles with two former assistant coaches. Does he want to hire Nutt, someone who just won a suit vs. Ole Miss? Seems a bit messy.

Bringing in a big name, former P5 coach to take over a G5 team has mixed results. For every Frank Solich, there is a Dennis Franchione. For every Bob Davie at UNM, there are the last few years of Bill Curry at Georgia State.

Nutt was 6-18 his last two seasons at Ole Miss.

There’s no guarantee that he would run the option. Nutt has his ways; he comes from the SEC. His

It seems he’s interested in every job under the sun. He could just use us as a stepping stone to a higher profile job. I prefer a guy that understands the unique culture that exists at Georgia Southern.

Our AD has developed a reputation for chasing off head coaches after the departures of Jeff Monken and Willie Fritz, however. There’s no telling what is going on inside the Dan J. Parrish Sr. Building on Georgia Southern’s campus. Very little has leaked out so far. Most of what is out there are straight up conjecture.

An experienced former SEC head coach like Houston Nutt could theoretically jump right in and start tomorrow if need be, which would be a plus. But is he a better choice than Mike Houston or Brian Bohannon? Not by a long shot.

Stay tuned as next we’ll look at Mike Ayers.



2 thoughts on “Is Houston Nutt really interested in the Georgia Southern job?

  1. Why not hire him or anyone who doesn’t have anything to do with Georgia Southern’s winning tradition. Georgia Southern doesn’t want to be Georgia Southern. Georgia Southern administrators are making sure of that and Tom Kleinlein is just following suit. Welcome to being Wake Forest Georgia Southern.


  2. Nick nice story wish you used facts
    Let’s be fair in evaluating
    Houston Nutt

    4 years back to back COTTON BOWL WINS

    At arkansas he left players that went 26-9
    Including had Ryan Mallet
    Committed for Bobby Petrino to inherited his talent . LEFT 3 bowl teams 2 BCS BOWLS COTTON AND SUGAR

    At Ole Miss
    He left teams that the next three years went 24-15
    3 bowl games

    Murray State
    Three consecutive
    7-4 teams left behind

    The Law suit
    Let’s make this perfectly clear Ole Miss smeared Coach Nutt s name.

    They blamed the blatant recruiting infractions they now face on COACH NUTT
    All were false intended to save the recruiting class coming in.

    He sued for an apology it’s important to note he did not receive compensation but received What was due him. An apology to restore His reputation as a do right treat people right winning coach.

    We tried young its failed twice Hatcher and Summers
    We need a proven leader with a proven history of not only instilling pride and ownership to the team and community but also a leader who wins and always leaves the program full of talent when he departs!

    Simply we need a man who can emulate Coach Russell
    Right now! We are covered in a talent rich recruiting area. We need the coach that can look a recruits family in the face and say I have done this I’ve turned tough situations into championships at every level! We need you to come lead the resurgence and be an eagle!

    His best recruiting in his career is getting the talent he inherits in the program to buy in! Then he attacks the JCs and the high schools and Transfers

    We need a coach who will embrace the traditions of the Valley song all the way to winning the championships we expect!
    But it all starts in the living room where we see a long history of draft picks all conference players who value earning a degree and a history of winning championships !

    I vote NUTT hands down for where we are right now we need his experience to get us back on Top


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