Forgotten5 Presents: The Bottom 25

When the first college football playoff ranking comes out and fans across the country argue over the top six, I like to present the other end of the spectrum in what I call the bottom 25 ranking. It’s pretty simple, it’s the 25 worst teams in the entire country no matter their conference affiliation.

It’s a tougher list to compile and rank than one might think. It gets fairly tight in the 10-20 range and you have to factor in a number of variables. There is no fancy formula for the ranking, either. I laid out 25-30 teams and built a résumé for each and ranked the teams in a similar fashion to how the NCAA Tournament selection committee operates.

We’ll start at 25 and make our way down. Is your team in?

25 Eastern Michigan 2-6 

24 Tulsa 2-7

23 North Carolina 1-8

22 Cincinnati 2-6

21 Illinois 2-6

20 Oregon State 1-7

19 Temple 3-5

18 Nevada 1-7

17 Connecticut 3-5

16 East Carolina 2-6

15 BYU 2-7

14 Bowling Green 2-7

13 Baylor 0-8

12 Kent State 2-7

11 Ball State 2-6

10 Kansas 1-7

9 Old Dominion 2-6

8 UMASS 2-6

7 San Jose State 1-8

6 Rice 1-7

5 Charlotte 1-7

4 Texas State 2-6

3 Coastal Carolina 1-7

2 UTEP 0-8

1 Georgia Southern 0-7

Some of these might as well have been tied. Choosing between Georgia Southern and UTEP was among the tougher decisions but in the end it was the Eagles’ two bad losses against New Hampshire and UMASS that push them over. Congrats, Georgia Southern.


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