Chad Lunsford Promoted to full-time Head Coach of Georgia Southern

Welp, they crowned his ass.

Word comes out of Statesboro that Interim Head Coach Chad Lunsford will have the interim tag stripped and will be promoted to full-time head coach. After emotional back-to-back wins over South Alabama and Louisiana-Lafayette, it was only a mere formality that Lunsford would get promoted. Tom Kleinlein must have read my column this morning:

Over the past six weeks or so, Chad Lunsford has been a walking meme generator. His #ShowUpShowOut soundbyte from his introductory presser has entered the Eagle Nation lexicon. His “Choke ‘Em Out” quote is already stuff of legends. His elbow drops? Masterful. Georgia Southern Twitter is currently dropping more People’s Elbows than Dusty Rhodes in celebration.

Lunsford started working with wide receivers in Statesboro in 2013, then transitioned to tight ends and recruiting coordinator the next two years, adding special teams coordinator duties in 2016. In 2017, he was promoted again and given the title of assistant head coach.Teams that Chad Lunsford has been involved with at Georgia Southern have gone an impressive 56-38. Exclude the Tyson Summers era, and it is 51-25.

Press conference is at 3pm, it will be streamed on TrueBlueTV.

Stay tuned to as the G5 coaching carousel heats up.


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