Way Too Early Group of Five Top 10: The Real One

It’s that time again, everyone. No football is being played and none of us have any clue what is actually going to happen during the 2018 season but we here at Forgotten5 are going to speculate like hell until late August.

Part of the yearly offseason festivities is the annual “Way too Early” list. By now you have surely seen several of these and may have even stumbled across a G5 version.

We assure you, however, that all lists that came before us genuinely sucked.

After a staff vote, we have compiled a list of what we think are the G5’s top 10 teams heading into next season. Also, before you ask, yes we did purposefully leave your team off this list. Your team sucks.


1. UCF

No Frost? No problem.


2. Florida Atlantic

The Lane Train is practically unstoppable at this point.


3. Boise State

We all know that Boise State is going to end up a top-three G5 by the end of the season so we might as well drop them here.


4. Houston

Major Applewhite has some minor tweaking to do…


Okay, yeah that was a stretch.


5. South Florida

Losing mass amounts of production usually doesn’t work out well but we still believe.


6. Troy

Similar boat that USF is in, it’s retooling time.


7. San Diego State

New year, new running back. Go ahead and learn the name Juwan Washington.


8. Fresno State

Jeff Tedford is perhaps the greatest coach to not get a shred of national attention.


9. Arkansas State

Miami’s worst nightmare.


10. Memphis

Losing Riley Ferguson and Anthony Miller probably has a little bit to do with this ranking… Maybe.


Just Outside

11. Navy

12. Army

(Sorry, Alex)


Please feel free to let us know where we went wrong and do share with your friends what idiots we are for not including Directional School State in our top 10.

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