Bracket Busted! Miami falls to Loyola in Buzzer Beater; Lonnie Walker’s last game?

Well we have it! We had to wait a a few games in but our first double digit seed is through. 11 seeded Loyola stunned 6 seeded Miami, I know you were not suprised because I told you in my preview for this game that this was a very real possibility and I even picked them to win, you remember, right?

The game was close from tip-off. Miami was holding a 2-4 point lead most of the second half. Everything was looking up for Miami even up to the last few seconds. Then Lonnie Walker at the line for a 1 and 1 sees his first shot rattle out and then this happen….

Loyola with its first NCAA Tournament victory since 1985 will face Tennessee who cruised to victory against Wright State today. That game will be played on Saturday, preview to come later.

Lonnie Walker the phenom Freshmen for the Hurricanes might have just completed his last game in a short college career in a Canes jersey. Might be a hard pill to swallow that his last game, he was given an opportunity to ice the game with free throws and wasn’t able to do so. Walker is projected a 6th overall pick in ESPN’s first NBA mock draft.

Here is live action from the campus of Loyola

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