The Greatest Upset of All Time…in Tweets: UMBC Stuns Virginia

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County just beat top-seeded Virginia by 20 points. As a 16-seed.

I could sit here and type up a competent recap, but that would be boring compared to the greatness of this game. Besides, Twitter tells the whole story in a way I never could:


Damn. No more basketball for anyone. She threw it away.

The University of Virginia is, in fact, canceled.

As well as the basketball team performed, the UMBC Twitter page was the one, true MVP tonight.


In other news, the YMCA team down the road did not defeat a 1-seed.


That comment is the perfect amount of aggressive towards learning.

This comment, on the other hand…

Really “Thats my Hog”? You, with your Jaylen Barford picture, have been calling UMBC all along? For some reason, I don’t believe you.

They started with less than 6000 followers, they’re currently sitting at 37,000 and counting.

Would you stop reading if I told you I’ve never seen that movie?

Since the final buzzer, has anyone heard from anyone in Baltimore? I’m getting worried.

Make that twice.

…please don’t

Actually, it stands for…you know what, this is the new official name.

THE rec-league all-stars.

Now, let the memes roll in:

…and of course, one final conspiracy theory #WOKE

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