Star Army Slotback Kell Walker to get Looks at QB This Spring

As Sal Interdonato reported earlier today, slotback Kell Walker is going to get looks at QB during spring football.

Three-year starter Ahmad Bradshaw may have a fifth year of eligibility, but the situation is in USMA’s and the NCAA’s hands at this point.

There is no doubt that Army has depth at the quarterback position with guys like Kelvin Hopkins, Luke Langdon, Cam Thomas, and Christian Anderson. Chris Carter may also be coming back after missing all of last season due to academics.

Head Coach Jeff Monken said this about it:

“We obviously want to get the ball in his hands as often as we can. He’s a good player for us. I think that would be a way to do that. I just don’t know if he’s going to be the guy that can lead our offense. The leadership piece for the quarterback is maybe as important as anything. I think he’s a good leader whether he will be able to lead from that position I do not know.”

I get what Monken is trying to do, get the ball into the hands of one of his best playmakers as much as possible.

Walker is hands down the most explosive player on the Army team and will go down in Army Football history for the game-winning two-point conversion against SDSU in the Armed Forces Bowl.

I think this could be a big thing for Army, I still think Kelvin Hopkins will win the starting job, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Monken implemented some sort of wildcat formations featuring Kell Walker at the QB spot. The Black Knight’s triple-option attack is hard to stop as is, an added element of attack could only make them more deadly.


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