Georgia Southern Spring Game Information

Earlier this week I published a preview of the annual Blue and White game, check it out here. Yesterday, Georgia Southern Athletics published the details of what the game will look like. Will it be a traditional scrimmage? Or a Willie Fritz style (boring) practice? Here are the details:

Rules and protocol (subject to change):
Game will consist of a 60-play scrimmage with a 20-minute halftime
Two two-minute drills will end both halves
Quarterbacks will be in red uniforms with no contact


Touchdown: 5 pts
PAT: 1 pt
2-pt conversion: 2 pts
Made FG: 3 pts
Explosive Play: 1 pt (run of 15 or pass of 20 yards)
3rd/4th conversion: 1 pt
2 minute drill win: 5 pts (4 opportunities)

* – Explosive play and conversion CAN be combined (2 pts for a 16-yard run on 4th down) BUT a touchdown trumps both of them (ex.: a 27-yard touchdown pass on 3rd down results in just the 5 points for a touchdown).

Turnover: 5 pts ( 2 pts for returning it for TD)
3 and out: 3 pts
Hold in RZ to FG: 2 pts
3rd/4th down stop: 1 pt (one or other, no pts for both)
blocked FG/PAT: 3 pts
missed FG of 43 : 1 pt
TFL/Sack: 1 pt
2 minute drill win: 5 pts (4 opportunities)

* – Red zone defined as 25-yard line and in; offense has to run at least 1 play in red zone to qualify for red zone hold

Looks like a scrimmage with one major notable change: offense is white and defense is blue. Most of the spring games I’ve attended the blue and white teams had their own offenses and defenses. But this year we are going with the Lunsford Scoring System to determine the winner of this year’s game.

The Spring game is mostly for the fans. It’s there to keep fans engaged in the middle of the long college football offseason. The past decade plus of Georgia Southern football has had it’s fair share of interesting spring game throughout all the coaching changes. It’s also a good opportunity for alumni to make the trek back to the ‘Boro and see what has changed. #1 past time for old farts like me. The Blue Mile development project looks promising.

The athletics department has planned a bunch of events surrounding the spring game, including an autograph session right after the final whistle. It was also announced that Chad Lunsford will contribute $200,000 of his own money to the Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation’s Coaches Continuity Fund over the next four years.

Weekend Events
• Punt, Pass and Kick Competition – Saturday, April 14 at 9:30 a.m. | Paulson Stadium
• Blue-White Spring Football Game presented by Core Credit Union – Saturday, April 14 at 1 p.m.
• Softball vs. UTA – Saturday, April 14 at 1 p.m. (DH) | Eagle Field
• Women’s Tennis vs. Arkansas State – Saturday, April 14 at 1 p.m. | Wallis Tennis Center
• EFAA’s $10,000 Reverse Raffle & Auction – Saturday, April 14 at 5 p.m. | Natural Resources Building, Ogeechee Technical College
• Softball vs. UTA – Sunday, April 15 at 1 p.m. | Eagle Field

The rosters were also released. The following guys will not participate Saturday.

RJ Murray S 6-0 210 r-Sr.
Obe Fortune WR 6-1 190 r-Jr.
Monteo Garrett RB 5-10 190 r-Sr.
Wesley Fields RB 6-0 205 Sr.
George Johnson Jr. SLOT 5-9 175
Jacorey Belvin LB 5-10 220 r-Sr.
J.B. Kouassi DE 6-2 240 r-Jr.
Traver Vliem DE 6-4 255 r-So.
Connor Lawson LB 6-1 205 r-Fr.
Kenton Tucker Jr. OL 6-3 280 r-Fr.
Zack Copeland DL 6-1 285 r-Sr.
Parker Williams OL 6-1 295 r-Jr.
Ryan Northrup OL 6-2 285 r-Sr.
Tristan Hill OL 6-4 275 r-Sr.
Alex Smith OL 6-4 300 r-So.
Kevin Ackerman OL 6-5 245 r-Jr

Big names like Wesley Fields, Monteo Garrett, RJ Murray, and Obe Fortune sitting out the game. Watching offensive coordinator Bob DeBesse’s new scheme being implemented has been the #1 storyline during spring ball this year. It’s closer to what Doug Ruse ran under Willie Fritz from 2014-15 than the traditional flexbone triple option that was run by Georgia Southern for years. Shotgun, pistol, creative backfield formations. I have a feeling Eagle Nation will love the new offense.

Starting QB Shai Werts acclimating himself to this new system is the key to success in the fall. He’s one of the most impressive athletes on the team and set the freshman passing record last year. He has a rocket for an arm and elusiveness in the open field comparable to Kevin Ellison. But a segment of the fanbase exists that isn’t sold that Werts is the QB of the future. A good performance Saturday could win over a few doubters.

Players to Watch, White Team (Offense)
4 Shai Werts QB 5-11 200 r-So.
18 Jaalon Frazier QB 6-2 200 r-Fr.
7 Grant Walker RB 6-1 210 r-Fr.
36 Matt LaRoche RB 5-9 175 r-Fr.
10 Wesley Kennedy III 5-10 175 So.
28 Dexter Carter Jr. 6-0 190 r-So.

Scot Sloan installing his 3-4 defense is the headline on the defensive side of the ball. Raymond Johnson Jr. is listed at DE, not OLB. A Johnson-Phillips-Hunt front three looks like a lock at this point. I’ll be monitoring who gets snaps at OLB. At dog, it should be between Randy Wade Jr., Alvin Ward Jr., and Demetrice Lofton. At anchor, Jay Bowdry and Lane Ecton have emerged as the two top contenders this spring.

Additionally, a familiar name to Georgia Southern basketball fans: Coye Simmons is listed at DE. Who knew he could play football? Who knows how many snaps he’ll get, but it’s an intriguing prospect. He’s actually closer to 6-8 according to the basketball roster, but is only listed at 6-6 on the spring game roster (for obvious reasons).

Players to Watch, Blue Team (Defense)
4 Monquavion Brinson CB 5-11 180 So.
22 Joshua Moon S 6-0 200 Sr.
92 Raymond Johnson III DE 6-3 240 So.
91 Logan Hunt DE 6-2 270 Sr.
93 Demetrice Lofton OLB 6-5 240 So.
97 Coye Simmons DE 6-6 240 r-Sr.

Big weekend in Statesboro. I’m here to cover it for Follow me on Twitter @Nick_Burgess for live tweets and possible a Periscope during the Blue/White game.

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