I Will Be Attending…

Is there such thing as a five-star journalism recruit… or a journalism recruit at that?

If so, this is my shining moment, my “commitment” if you will.

And with that being said I will be attending…

Oh you thought I was going to make it that easy on you?

I was accepted into Stony Brook, UCF, East Carolina, and Jacksonville University.

From there I narrowed it down to two schools, Stony Brook on Long Island in New York and UCF in Orlando.

This is where the stress ensued, after all this is the biggest decision I have ever had to make. Was I ready to be in New York 1,200 miles away from home? Was I ready to be in Orlando? Did I want to go to community college for my freshman year? These are just some of the thoughts that were running through my head at any given moment.

I scheduled my visit to Stony Brook, I flew up to New York, stayed with my Aunt Chris in Long Island and went to see the campus. They made me feel as if I was a part of the journalism family. A big thank you goes out to Journalism Dean, Howard Schneider for sitting down and talking to my aunt and I for a good 30 minutes. It was a great experience and the school was full of great people.

I took my UCF visit and I was blown away with how nice everyone was. UCF is a huge school, but they didn’t make me feel like a number. I got the chance to be toured around the communication building by journalism program director Steve Collins. Another huge thank you to him for making me feel at home.

Decision time…

But before that I want to thank the UMBC Athletics Twitter account for recruiting me a little bit.

Now it is actually decision time

I will be attending The University of Central Florida.

Once I stepped on campus, I knew that I belonged there. I spent two years in Orlando when I was in 8thand 9thgrade, and I remember all the memories I had inside of CFE Arena and Bright House (now it’s Spectrum) Stadium. I remember jumping around Spectrum Stadium during the War on I-4 and AAC Championship Game this past season and I wanted to create more memories at UCF.

Sporting events obviously aren’t the only thing that drove this decision, the faculty there made me feel not only like family but like I was home.

Stony Brook is a great place and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but UCF was my home, I have a lot of friends who are going there, my dad is a PhD student there and makes the drive from Tampa a few times a month.

The facilities are top notch, the faculty is just as good, I know the area, I have friends going there, memories have already been made there, and they made me feel at home.


Orlando, I’m coming home.

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