Army Announces New Michie Stadium Preservation Project

Today Army Athletics announced via their YouTube channel that there is a plan to renovate Michie Stadium.

During a Cadets time at the Academy, they have to create a Capstone Project and they have to defend why it would work or why it should happen in front of a panel.

There was a group of Cadets who wanted to remodel the East side of Michie Stadium so they started working with some architecture and engineering firms, here is a little of what they came up with:

This is the view from Lusk Reservoir


The athletics offices will now be located in the East stands instead of up the street. There will also be a “Memorial Plaza” to honor fallen alumni.

Instead of running out of the endzone and touching the “I want an officer for a secret and dangerous mission. I want a West Point Football player.”- General George C. Marshall plaque, the team will now run under the Corps of Cadets at the 50-yard line to touch it.

Head coach Jeff Monken said this about the change:

“To be able to know that the team behind me is going to touch the plaque, to carry the Red, White, and Blue, to carry the Black Flag, and to be able to go over the Corps of Cadets, who we play for and represent. We wear a little bit of a different uniform for those three hours of the game but that’s who we are, we’re the Corps of Cadets and to be able to connect with them and to know the spirt of the Corps is will us when we play is really special. There’s no student body like it.”

It has not been announced when this project will begin or what it will cost, but follow me on twitter @AlexFunderburke for more information as it comes out.

For more pictures of the project, watch the video on Army’s YouTube channel.

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