NBA Draft Profile: Chandler Hutchison, Boise State University

There should be no surprise that Chandler Hutchison is on the NBA Draft Board.

Hutch has been clutch for the Broncos since his freshman year, for lack of a better rhyme (and if that didn’t get me fired from this site, nothing will).

A quick look at his 4-year stat line reveals improvement nearly every year, despite playing less minutes this season compared to last season.

Are the rebounds truly a concern?

Here’s the thing, we know that Chicago is definitely interested in Hutchison and may have made some random totally unconfirmed promise to him.

If that’s the case, Hutch would be the first Boise State player drafted since Roberto Bergersen in 1999, and if that report has any truth to it, he would be the first Bronco taken in the first round ever.

While this is all fine and dandy, let’s take an actual look at his profile and see what makes him just so darn draftable.

Bio Information

Height: Tall enough to be a successful NBA Player

Weight: Why do we actually care about this? What if we were playing on the moon?

Birthplace: Mission Viejo, CA

Age: 22 (Enough to make us feel old, young enough to be the old man in the draft. See: Brandon Weeden)

Accolades: 2018 MWC POY (Media vote)

Power moves a-plenty

The thing that Hutchison has really done for Boise State, especially in the last two years, is allowing his quick decision-making to turn into points.

Hutchison has a great finishing move off-the-dribble where he either forces his way to rim or cuts the ball out of the lanes to an open player.

As you can see at the 2:00 mark, and the highlight directly after that one, Hutchison creates opportunities either for himself or other players where defense would otherwise appear to stifle.

With age comes wisdom

Hutchison is old for an NBA Draft pick, and that’s more the fault of the NBA than it is of the players themselves.  The temptation for an 18 or 19 year-old who thinks they don’t need college and can just make it in the NBA often times backfires.

Boise State HC Leon Rice hired Phil Beckner (who had been working with the Oklahoma City Thunder before then), who in turn started helping Hutch develop more intuition and power as a player.

Not only did Hutchison improve as a player and draft prospect, but he developed more of a feel on offense (see above).

Defense? Or Defense?

Probably the only downside to Hutchison’s game is the fact that Boise State played a zone defense scheme.

While he can play one-on-one, Hutch will have to adjust his mindset in order to play with whoever he gets drafted to.  This isn’t to say that he can’t do it: Hutchison accumulated 46 steals last season, which was significantly higher than previous years.

Should he continue to improve, Chandler Hutchison could be a supporting defensive force as well as an offensive one for any team he plays for.


We all want a feel good story with Chicago making good on their promise at 22, I have a sneaky feeling that the promise will be ruined by someone else.

Enter the Utah Jazz: the team needs a versatile wing or guard, and Hutchison being able to fill that role would be a good fit.  Not only that, but there is familiarity with geographic location and it might feel like a good home fit.  21st pick, Utah Jazz

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