There is No Such Thing As Too Many Bowl Games

Dear everyone who hates the number of bowl games,

Stop it.

With the announcement that there are three new bowl games (Chicago, Myrtle Beach, the third city is TBD) coming, the total will move to 43 and the “participation trophy” crowd has gotten louder and louder, saying that the NCAA needs to take away bowl games and not add them.

Sure, a bowl game between New Mexico State and Utah State doesn’t mean much to casual college football fans, but to anyone who loves the sport, those teams, or a great story can’t forget what it means to those programs.

Before this past year, the last time NMSU went to a bowl game was 1960. Without littler bowl games like the Arizona Bowl, moments like this wouldn’t happen:

That “meaningless” bowl game meant the world to that school. With more bowl games there are more chances to see stories like that.

Then you have UAB, a program that was killed in 2015 and brought back in 2017. What did the Blazers do in their first year back? Oh just win eight games, tying a school record and go to a bowl game.

Things like that are incredible and the more bowl games we have, the more chances to see amazing storylines like these two.

Not to mention the exposure these littler schools get when they play in a bowl game, which boosts ticket sales and recruiting.

Boosting recruiting helps creates parity around the country; sure NMSU isn’t going to get guys like Alabama or Ohio State have, but they become more competitive than they might have been if the bowl drought continued for another 10 years.

This allows more opportunities to see a school like Kansas end the longest active bowl drought (2008 was the last time they went bowling), or a newer FBS school like Coastal Carolina or Liberty go to a bowl game and surprise a bigger team.

Sure, this means that 66% of FBS teams get into a bowl game and we may have some 5-7 teams getting into a bowl, but isn’t the more football the better? Anyone who truly loves the sport knows that there is no such thing as too many bowl games.

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