Trouble in (Tropical) Paradise: North Endzone Project Behind Schedule at A-State

Rain, rain, go away. Football season depends on it.

The $29 million North Endzone Expansion project at Arkansas State is behind schedule, according to Athletics Director Terry Mohajir.

Whether or not the stadium is ready, Southeast Missouri State (and the long-awaited kickoff of football season) will be here Sep 1.

“We are still behind schedule. We’ve lost 60 days due to rain,” Mohajir said.

Future Water Feature. Right now it’s just rocks…

Last week alone, the construction crew lost two days due to storms moving through Northeast Arkansas.

Mohajir noted in an interview with the Jonesboro Sun that he is “confident” the premium seating portion of the project will be finished in time for kickoff.

“I feel pretty good that the seating is going to all be complete,” he said. “I feel very good that our seating and the loge boxes will be complete by our first game.”

I can see Howl riding his motorcycle through there already

When construction started in December of 2017, it was on track to be finished by the start of football season. Now, it is being reported that it should be completed by the second home game of the season for the Red Wolves, a non-conference battle against UNLV on Sep. 22.

Good thing A-State has a couple of road games after the opener.

It should also be noted that on Sunday, July 22, the date all photos in this article were taken, there was not a single worker on site. They must not be too worried about getting ahead.

For more information on this project and others on the A-State Campus, click here!

All photographs are my own

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