Georgia Southern DL Coach Victor Cabral Takes to the Ring

Say what you want about the new Georgia Southern coaching staff, but they sure keep it interesting. It’s no secret that Chad Lunsford and his bud/spirit animal/tag team partner/DL Coach Victor Cabral are fans of pro wrestling. Lunsford’s signature moment as head coach up until this point was when he elbow-dropped a folding chair after beating UL-Lafayette last November. When Lunsford brought Cabral back, it was the college football version of The Outsiders reuniting circa 1999.

Georgia Southern Twitter has resembled a WWE message board during the past eight months. It was only a matter of time before one of them actually entered the ring. In enters Vic Cabral.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself.

It was only supposed to be a routine contract signing for Vic Cabral and his tag-team partner on Team GATA, Big Country. That was until the duo was ambushed by David “Young DC” Connors and Emperor Tommy Nero of the Roman Empire duo. The result? Well…

That’s right. Cabral’s wrestling debut ended with him getting slammed through a table. Despite some impressive moves for a rook (including a damn good flying elbow), the Team GATA duo lost to the Roman Empire. But never fear, that isn’t the end of Coach Vic’s wrestling career. There will be a rematch next Saturday, July 28th in the Nessmith-Lane Conference Center at 6 pm.

Here are the details.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

Don’t worry. This isn’t some mid-life crisis Coach Cabral is going through. He’s wrestling for charity and an excellent cause. It’s a fundraiser for the Georgia Southern chapter of Athletes in Action, a Christian student-athlete organization. They are trying to raise money for a spring break mission trip. This chapter is run by team chaplain/former Eagle defensive lineman Matt Wise. The announcer will be none other than Terry Harvin.

For tickets, go here. Please support this good cause. It will be held at the Nessmith-Lane Conference Center, next to the Performing Arts Center.

Between being a four-year starter on the Georgia Southern defensive line, member of the 2000 national championship team, and his multiple stints on the Georgia Southern coaching staff, Cabral is already regarded as a legend by Eagles’ fans. This takes it to a whole other level. After all, how many college football coaches have you seen perform an atomic leg drop?

Good luck Coach Cabral. Eagle nation is rooting for you. Get After Those Armlocks and bring home the belt.

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