Cajuns coaching staff has a lot of experience in Louisiana

The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns released their 2018 football media guide this week. For those that haven’t had a chance to dive in and read through it yet, you can find a link to it here.

As far as media guides go, it’s pretty much your standard fare, but I did manage to find one thing that popped out.

Billy Napier’s coaching staff has experience either playing for or coaching at a whopping 8 out of 11 Division 1 programs in the state of Louisiana.

Just to get a visual of how this all shakes out I’ve gone ahead and listed the schools with the Cajuns coaches who played for or coached there:

  • LSU – Rob Sale (OL/OC), Jabbar Juluke (RB)
  • Louisiana Tech – Jabbar Juluke (RB)
  • Louisiana – Troy Wingerter (Ops), Michael Desormeaux (TE)
  • McNeese – Tim Leger (WR), Rob Sale (OL/OC)
  • Northwestern State – Matt Powledge (ST, OLB)
  • Southeastern – Patrick Toney (S), Matt Powledge (ST, OLB), Ron Roberts (DC)
  • Southern – Jabbar Juluke (RB)
  • ULM – Matt Powledge (STC, OLB), Tim Leger (WR), Rob Sale (OL/OC)
  • *UNO – Mark Hocke (S&C)
*Hocke attended the University of New Orleans which does not have a Division 1 football program.

The only Division 1 programs in the state the Cajuns haven’t coached at or played for? Grambling, Nicholls, and Tulane.

When Coach Billy Napier arrived at Louisiana last December he emphasized recruiting within the state of Louisiana. With the staff he’s assembled, Napier should have the experience he needs to accomplish that goal.

Find anything else interesting in this year’s media guide? Be sure to comment below or reach out to us on Twitter @RememberF5.



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