Louisiana has kicked off a feasibility study for Cajun Field renovation

This past Spring, Athletic Director Bryan Maggard was interviewed by a reporter from out of town and the topic of a “new” football stadium came up.

Intrigued by the quote, I published an article here on Forgotten 5 discussing the Cajuns’ stadium woes.

There was some debate as to whether the quote was accurate or taken out of context. After the article on Forgotten 5 made its rounds on local fan message boards, Maggard clarified his comments.

But just this week there’s been another development in the ongoing stadium saga down in Cajun country.

Louisiana has formally kicked off their stadium feasibility study – highlighed with a video from former Cajuns Hall of Fame Quarterback Jake Delhomme along with a comprehensive fan survey. The video is included below for your viewing pleasure:


The fan survey includes a variety of topics ranging from current fan experience to what fans want to see in their future stadium.

A lot of the questions involve interest in premium seating and amenities.

A few screen renderings are included below, and are a good indication of the direction Cajun Field may be headed. It’s important to note that right now these are all just preliminary and nothing has been finalized or set in stone (pun intended).

One of the main areas of focus of both the renderings and fan survey appears to be the East side of the stadium (the section opposite the stadium’s press box).

Historically this section has been unpopular among fans and spectators due to heat and direct sunlight. Renderings such as the one below, include the idea for an in-stadium tailgate area or other premium seating options to draw fan interest and improve the experience for the East side of the stadium (photo below).

While it’s still early on in the process for the Cajuns, the feasibility study and renderings are sure to a lot of excitement down in Cajun country.

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