Georgia State Bookstore Is Now Selling Georgia Southern Products

Georgia Southern and Georgia State get confused with one another a lot. If Eagle Nation had a dollar for every time a broadcaster or ignorant fan called us Georgia State, we would all have enough money to fully fund a Paulson Stadium expansion, a new basketball arena, and an indoor practice facility with some change left over. Thank goodness for Cole Swindell’s popularity. Him rocking the “GS” baseball hat has done more to differentiate our brand than anything else. It’s gotten so bad that the athletic department felt the need to address it in their media guide.

We are Georgia Southern
With no disrespect to our colleagues in Atlanta,
we are Georgia Southern, not Georgia State. We
don’t ask for much; heck we think we’re pretty
easy to deal with. All we really ask is for media
covering the Eagles to get our name right. You
can call us Georgia Southern, GS or the Eagles,
just please don’t call us Georgia State!
– Sincerely, Eagle Nation

It is something I have learned to live with begrudgingly. I get it to some extent. We share the same state, conference, initials, and have similar colors schemes. People have brain farts. Not everybody is familiar with the distinct historical, cultural, and geographical differences between the two institutions. I still hate it. But it happens so often that I am numb to it.
It’s like we’re living in a real-time Mandela Effect simulation. Eagles’ fans and Panthers’ fans can’t escape it. Not even Georgia State’s own bookstore can tell the difference anymore. This past week some interesting items have popped up on its website.

This is getting out of hand.

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