It’s fair to say that one of the defining characteristics of Chad Lunsford is his swagger. He oozes it. Whether he is performing elbow drops or getting pied in the face, he’s injected new life into a program that desperately needed some. Since the day he took over, the energy around the program has changed. The fans love it and the players love it.
Need proof?
Senior QB Kado Brown, AKA Kollege Kado, created a song dedicated to Coach Lunsford.
I introduce to you the official anthem for the 2018 Georgia Southern Eagles, the track that has taken over Eagle Nation, Swag Like Chad:

How many college coaches do you know have their players writing verses about them? Could you imagine an Alabama player creating a “Nasty Like Nick” track for Saban?
How did the idea come about? In a recent interview, Kado had this to say:

“In the spring, a lot of guys were showing support for some of the songs I put out and they were asking me to make a team song. I was entertaining the idea and I didn’t really know what to do,” Brown acknowledged. “I wanted to do something fun that kind of reflected me and that, at the same time, my teammates and the fans could enjoy as well.”

What does Coach Lunsford think of it? Swag Like Chad could be heard over the loud speakers at the Savannah Fan Fest Friday night. It’s fair to say he’s a fan.

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