Wear Your Wobble Shoes: A New Mexico State Blog from Forgotten5

And when we win this game, 
We’ll buy a keg of booze, 
And we’ll drink it to the Aggies 
‘till we wobble in our shoes! 
Sure went through a lot of “boy we think we’re clever” names trying to find a good moniker for this site, and learned a good bit of interesting material about Aggie history.
Then I realized “wait a minute, we’re talking about a school that makes reference to drinking in their fight song, we need something bold here!”
Hence Wear Your Wobble Shoes, aka “looks like we’re about to win, and then drink, so you best have your wobblin’ shoes on.”
It’s a new time in Aggie athletics, with truly unprecedented success across the department but especially for the football program.
As they now transition to independent status as well as their first season trying to build on national success in quite some time, we at Forgotten5 decided to include the Aggies (who have always been one of our favorites) in the initial launch of school sub-sites that we are creating.
You can head straight here for your Aggie-related content, and we’ll do our best to both cover the team on our own and welcome those who want to write about New Mexico State right along with us!
Go Aggies! Wobble on!

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