Welcome to Eagle Creek Champagne

Forgotten5.com is proud to announce the launch of Eagle Creek Champagne! Your new one-stop shop for news, analysis, and opinion on everything Georgia Southern.
It’s been a little over a year since I’ve started blogging for Forgotten5 and what a year it’s been. My goals were modest when I started, I like to write and I love my alma mater, Georgia Southern. I had no expectations.  I never thought that I would end up breaking big stories and interviewing lieutenant governors. It would have been nicer if it hadn’t been during the worst season in the modern era, but it’s been a hell of a journey nonetheless. (Special thanks goes to our dear leader Dr. Nic Lewis)
The reception since I started has been overwhelming. I should have expected nothing less from the best fanbase in the country. Eagles fans gobble up content about their team at a prodigious rate, I have the numbers to back it up. Due to this tremendous demand for Georgia Southern related content, we are launching this new site.

Why Eagle Creek Champagne though?

Well, I figured tradition is important at Georgia Southern. There’s hardly a program out there that has packed more tradition per-capita into the past 36 years than the Eagles. We got yellow school buses, G.A.T.A., Freedom’s flight, plain uniforms, Hail Southern; I could go on and on. But no tradition best encapsulates what Georgia Southern football is all about than Beautiful Eagle Creek.
When the late, great Erk Russell resurrected the football program in the early ’80s, he started with virtually nothing. He famously had to buy a football from K-Mart before the first press conference. The simple blue uniforms were adopted more out of necessity than choice. The yellow school buses were lent to the school from Bulloch County Schools. The Eagles had to make the most out of what they had.
Adjacent to the practice fields runs a nondescript drainage ditch. Most people would look at it and not give it a second thought, but most people aren’t Erk Russell. Being the master motivator that he was, he convinced his players, and Eagle Nation that the ditch had magical powers. Those who bathed in it healed faster and played better. A jug of it would accompany the team on road trips where Russell would sprinkle it on the opposing teams’ fields. I’ll let a young Dan Patrick and John Fricke explain the rest:

Erk Russell had a unique talent for making something out of nothing. Instead of complaining about his lack of resources, he was able to turn it into an identity. That blue-collar mentality remains at the heart of Georgia Southern football to this day.
Those mystical waters have played their part over the years in creating another Georgia Southern tradition: winning championships. Champagne is the drink of champions, I felt the association was apt. If you squint hard enough, the yellow-ish water in Eagle Creek bares a striking resemblance to the bubbly.
So we at Forgotten5.com would like to welcome you to Eagle Creek Champagne. A place to call our own. I hope you enjoy. Pop a cork, because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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