New Mexico State Looks to Rebound Against Minnesota On Short Notice

It will be hard to say whether the Aggies will have an easier time recovering from their loss to Wyoming due to the short turnaround, or a harder time.
Is it good that they had to forget about that game as soon as humanly possible so that they could shift to practicing the Wyoming gameplan that had already been installed during the preseason?
That way they could jump straight to focusing on what to do next instead of what went wrong.
Or is it bad that they’ll get less time than usual to assess what exactly went wrong and how to improve on it for their next game?
I imagine that’s always a balancing act in any given week, finding the ideal mix of remembering and forgetting the right details in order to make the previous week the most meaningful heading into the next one.
The short week hopefully just creates a situation of hyper-focus, but how this game starts will probably give us a good idea of what was or wasn’t learned from the opening week’s shutdown at the hands of Wyoming.
The Aggie defense did a great job last week against an offense that was more green under center than anywhere else, and they’ll look to repeat that feat this week against another young quarterback, Zack Annexstad:

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. This is Zack Annexstad:

The point is, Zack has gone from a preferred walk-on freshman to the opening week starter for the Gophers, and while he will have a decent amount of experience around him, the passing game will be the weak spot for the Gophers, especially downfield passing.
And if things don’t go well for him, his backup is also a freshman.
Wait a minute… green quarterback leading a team that’s unlikely to be known for its passing game this season…
O.K. Let’s just remain calm. Yes the Cowboys eventually racked up some rushing yards, but a good bit of that came after the Aggie defense was zapped.
Minnesota is no joke, but they are not Wyoming, and they’re replacing a bit more on defense. Will the Aggies win? My money isn’t on it, but it will be a more competitive game for sure.
Matt Romero needs to prove that the final drive on Saturday is what we should expect, not everything that came beforehand. The playcalling can’t ignore Jason Huntley, and the defense needs to just keep playing as they have been, though a bit more pressure on the quarterback would be ideal.
Prediction: Minnesota 21, New Mexico State 17

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