Army Passing Game Impresses But Team Falters Losing 34-14 To Duke

Army opened the game with a defensive stop, that was the only bright spot on defense. The offense opened the game with a pass play then fumbled the ball away. Shortly after that Duke scored on a 25-yard field goal.

The Army offense went down the field and looked good but when it came to crunch time the offense faltered and missed a 25-yard field goal.
Duke turned that missed field goal into seven points. Daniel Jones attacked DB Javhari Bourdeau early and often. Bourdeau couldn’t keep pace with the Duke wideouts the entire game. His performance left Army fans asking “Where is Mike Reynolds or Jalen Sharp?”
The Army secondary looked lost at times while Daniel Jones picked them apart. I originally thought that the secondary was going to be the bright spot of the defense, I couldn’t have been more wrong.
As for new QB Kelvin Hopkins; in the first half, he looked a little shakey, but that was to be expected in his first start. The coaching staff seemed like they didn’t trust Hopkins to run the ball which caused a couple drives to end after passing on a third and medium.
The Black Knights went into the locker room at half down 17-0.

Army opened the second half and looked like they trusted Hopkins with running the ball a little more.

Dan Head said it perfectly, when they let Hopkins run the ball, Army moved the ball more efficiently.
Hopkins ran in a three-yard touchdown to open the scoring for the Black Knights.
Just when it felt like Army had momentum, the secondary got picked apart by Daniel Jones and gave up another touchdown.
Next drive, Hopkins hit Cam Harrison for a 45-yard touchdown and that was the last Army score of the night.
Army went on to lose 34-14.

While not much went right, if Army can clean up the turnovers, the offense will be fine. Hopkins threw for 197 yards on 21 attempts. The fullbacks couldn’t get going which forced Army to throw the ball more often they would’ve wanted.
The defense needs to regroup completely, Duke tore them apart drive after drive. Simple tackles seemed hard for the Army team.
To the people who are overreacting over one game; relax, Army will be just fine. They’ll bounce back, if they clean up the turnovers they’ll be fine. Duke outgained Army by 15 yards, the offense moved the ball but two turnovers killed them.
Army takes on Liberty next week in the Black Knights home opener.

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