Kelvin Hopkins Has Coming Out Party as Army Downs Hawaii 28-21

Cole Christensen came up huge on Hawaii’s fourth down attempt to ice the game for the Black Knights.

The game started with Hawaii getting the ball and QB Cole McDonald did what Cole McDonald does; throws down the field with ease and throwing a nation-leading 14th touchdown. The Army offense looked terrible on their first possession going three and out, it felt like Hawaii was about to run away with the game.
The Rainbow Warriors got the ball back and marched right down the field, but then their wideouts started dropping passes. One drop came at the Army 28 yard line, one Army fan credited the late Brandon Jackson as the reason for the drop:

After that Hawaii had a 4th and 5 from the Army 29, they went for it and Army LB Kenneth Brinson came up with a huge sack to get the Black Knights the ball back.
Army QB Kelvin Hopkins hit Hawaii native Calen Holt on a huge 63 yard reception on a key third down play.

That play was the momentum changer that Army needed, they scored a touchdown two plays later.

The Army defense led by Kenneth Brinson got another stop to give the ball back to Kelvin Hopkins.
Hopkins ripped off a 32-yard touchdown run that was called back and became a 16-yard run. Army scored to go up 14-7.
But Cole McDonald and co. would respond. Hawaii punched in a one-yard touchdown to tie the game up.
The Black Knights responded with a huge touchdown run by Connor Slomka to go up 21-14. The Black Knights would take that lead into the locker room.

The second half started with a bunch of punts but then when Army needed a score they got one.
Darnell Woolfolk punched it in from three yards out. But Hawaii would respond quickly.
Quickly meaning the very next play:

That was the last score of the game but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of drama. The last Hawaii drive came down to a 4th down, McDonald dropped back and threw into triple coverage and captain Cole Christiansen broke up the pass to seal the victory for the Black Knights.

We Need To Talk:

If you didn’t believe in Kelvin Hopkins yet, you better believe in him now. That dude balled today. He consistently made the right reads and when Hawaii had the play stopped Kelvin would fight forward to get two or three extra yards. He had 162 passing yards and 110 rushing yards with two touchdowns. The Army offense is in good hands with Kelvin Hopkins.

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