Georgia State TicketGate

Georgia State football has a long, documented history of attendance problems. This much we know. In the past, they have gone as far as to drop money from the ceiling of the Georgia Dome in order to get more fans to attend. Well, Tuesday they took it a step further.
The Georgia State ticket office sent out the following mailer:

That’s right. Two free tickets to ANY game on the schedule, including the November 24th match up with Georgia Southern. It didn’t take long for Georgia Southern Twitter to catch wind of this loophole. Eagle Nation then flooded the Georgia State ticket office with orders. What happened next was absolute chaos. Live look at the Georgia State ticket office:
Image result for chaos gif
So many Georgia Southern fans started ordering tickets to the November 24th game that Georgia State had to renege on the deal and remove the promo code. Then they made the decision to revoke all the tickets that were bought using the promo code. It’s safe to say that Eagles fans were not happy about that.

You may have had a bad day, but I guarantee that you didn’t have as bad a day as the Georgia State ticket office. Stay tuned to ECC for updates on #TicketGate2018.

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