LB Demetreius Mayes Jr. Suspended Indefinitely Following Arrest on Sexual Battery Charge

Freshman UCF linebacker Demetreius Mayes Jr. was arrested Tuesday on a charge of sexual battery to a physically helpless person.
Mayes is a freshman from Miami, Fl, he was suspended from all team-related activities according to head coach Josh Heupel.
Heupel put out a statement and said: “From what we know so far on this matter I’m upset and disappointed,” he went on to add “This has no place in our program. We are focused on ensuring that we provide compassion and support for everyone outside our program that has been affected by this”.
UCF police reported to a “suspicious incident” at a campus housing complex (Tower IV), early Saturday morning.
On Monday, detectives interviewed the woman, who said she had been drinking throughout the night. She told the detectives that she remembers going to the housing complex and going upstairs but doesn’t remember what happened until she woke up naked as Mayers committed the sexual battery.
UCF police Cheif Carl Metzger said: “The UCF Police Department is committed to a thorough, professional investigation of all criminal incidents reported to us, and we’re dedicated to a culture of care that starts by believing the brave survivors who seek our assistance. This survivor’s well-being will continue to be a priority for our department and our university”.
Mayes told detectives on Tuesday that the victim consented to sex and that he stopped when she said, “I can’t do this”, according to the arrest report.
Several other UCF football players that were present at the housing complex during the time of the incident were interviewed by the police. The players were “concerned Mayes was going to have sex with the intoxicated victim” and tried to get into his room to prevent the “big mistake” from happening.
They told the UCF police that they knocked on Mayes’ door for several minutes and told him repeatedly told him not to have sex with the woman. According to the players when she came out of the room she was “visibly upset and was crying”.
Mayes who was a three-star recruit from the class of 2018 has yet to register any statistics for UCF this season.

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